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Concierge Security

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Concierge Security

We understand that for a practical front of house hotel concierge or concierge service, it’s not just the correct skill set that’s needed. There is a strong need for the right personality always to provide high-quality concierge services. It should be someone who presents the best first impression, is engaging and personable, well-presented, and shows strength in customer relations in a hotel concierge role. When deciding on proceeding with a professional front of house concierge service, you’ll want to choose from the best concierge company available.

In modern society, the role of concierge security is changing, covering more requirements to provide a more comprehensive service. Given the security in the UK, and London in particular is of great concern, it’s more important than ever that the concierge services in the UK adapt. Reputable premium concierge services that provide concierge staff will ensure formal security training is provided to its personnel and can seamlessly combine the traditional role of the concierge with that of a security officer.

At VSK Security Management, our premium concierge services in London offer precisely that.

When looking for a standard or luxury concierge service, you can rest assured you’ll be provided with a fully vetted, SIA-certified individual. Our professionally trained security officers are suitable for both corporate and residential security concierge services in London. As with any reputable concierge company, our prime concern is to permanently secure the premises for hotel concierge and residential properties and provide peace of mind for staff, visitors, and residents alike. 

There are many other tasks that our staff are trained to handle as part of our premium concierge services. This is all to ensure you have plenty of options we provide as part of our value-added, complimentary service. You can find our complete list of other premium concierge services that we can help provide, including manned guarding and mobile patrol.

Our London premium concierge service provides much more than just a front of house presence for those looking to make the most of their hotel concierge. All our concierge staff go through an intensive training programm at our in-house training academy. They are fully equipped to ensure the building they are stationed at is safe from the threat of violence, theft, or vandalism. Our concierge services in the UK ensure the safety of equipment and belongings that are of high value for our wealthy and business clientele. Plus, we provide people will feel as secure and safe in their offices or homes as possible.

Part of our concierge service and hotel concierge security services in London involves securing available exit and entry points. This is where we will also greet staff and visitors, monitor CCTV camera systems, direct and log visitors and turn away anyone deemed suspicious. We will also gently but assertively enforce conduct and building codes, such as helping with noise control. The concierge service industry has had to adapt to achieve all of this, assuring commercial and residential clients that the staff they have employed are entirely up to the task. 

We understand more than most that to provide a luxury concierge service; you need the very best levels of training and stringent staff requirements. You can learn about the various accreditations VSK Security Management and its staff follow here on the site. For more insight into what sectors we’ve worked with, including corporate security, security in schools, and hotel concierge, read through our case studies for a first-hand experience.

Please give us a call on 020 7971 7667 or email us on info@vsksecuritymanagement.co.uk to arrange a meeting to discuss further how we work.

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